o meet the demands of increasing shipment volumes from our customers, we will be commencing operations at our new Shanghai operation hub from 1 April 2018 and will complete the relocation to our new Shanghai operation hub on 15 April 2018.


We receive notice from Australia Post today that extreme weather in some parts of Queensland, Australia will have an impact on the receipt and delivery of all postal products in areas with the below listed postal code, please be kindly informed.


On Thursday 08th March 2018 there will be a general strike in Italy which coincides with the celebration of  Woman’s Day, to protest against male violence against women.

Impacts are possibly expected on air transport, but will not affect in any way the postal operations at Poste Italiane’s premises.


The designated operator of the United Kingdom, Royal Mail, asks us to inform the designated operators of other UPU member countries that significant snowfall has caused major disruptions to transport services across much of the United Kingdom. There is a red weather warning for heavy snow showers and drifting of lying snow along the central belt of Scotland. As a result, Royal Mail has had to close its Edinburgh, Glasgow and Perth depots overnight, with no parcels leaving or arriving on the morning of 1 March 2018.


Base to weather report and forecast, Russia has suffered from one in a century blizzard over the past few days and such extreme weather condition is expected to continue for a period.